Smash and Splash 1st birthday baby photo shoot

Smash & Splash baby portraits

Smash and Splash baby photography is a very popular first birthday lifestyle portrait package for children comprising two elements:

Smash the Cake

Instead of a traditional/formal portrait, we will supply a big, messy birthday cake and then photograph the outcome – which is usually a messy, smashed-up cake (hence the name) and an even messier (although extremely cute!) baby!

Bath Splash

As you know, bathtime can be fun for kids, so we have incorporated this into our Smash the Cake shoots. The result is great entertainment for your child, whilst ensuring you return home with a clean baby!

Smash and Splash shoots are only £69, which includes the cake, a one-hour shoot, refreshments and same-day viewing (please allow an hour for editing).

NB: Please bring a spare set of clothes! It does get messy!

Our Smash and Splash package is also available as part of our Baby Art packages, which offer fantastic value for money!